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The Truth About Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be made in any size, from a small logo to a full mural spanning many feet of wall space. They are great for advertising, commercial décor, or even residential use. The method for creating wall graphics is almost the same as it is for vehicle graphics and window graphics.

There are key advantages to vinyl wall graphics:

  • If it gets damaged, it can be replaced.
  • It’s far more cost effective than problematic wall paper or hand painting
  • It can easily be cleaned with a wet rag and mild soap
  • In high traffic areas, It takes ordinary bare walls and turns them into a marketing source.
  • The graphical content can be most anything from photographs, art pieces, cartoon clips or most any computer generated art file.

Wall Mural made with old black and white photos.
Old photographs can give your lobby a museum feel.

A Column Wrap is a great way to take advantage of the space.
Great for restaurants because you can clean it.

 A cartoony look is easy to achieve and very effective at conveying your message.

Simple graphics are a very cost effective way to bring a blank wall to life.

Pre-opening/Grand opening mural graphics

Signs of Seattle Expert Technician

How it’s done:

Images are prepared on computer.
Then printed on a large format printer
The vinyl has an adhesive back.
This is applied to the wall
Heat helps it conform to uneven surfaces
Squeegees are also used for this
Finished Product

For more examples of wall graphics, visit our website. signsofseattle.com