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Installation Durability and Maintenance FAQ

How do I apply vinyl lettering or graphics to my vehicle, boat, or window? 
We recommend our highly skilled installers do the job but if you are good with your hands and want to do it, we will include complete, easy to understand instructions and a squeegee, to make installation a breeze. Instructions:

Are your signs weatherproof? Will they fade in the sun?
Our signs are weatherproof and use UV technology designed to keep your colors vibrant when faced with sun, wind, rain or any other element.

How do I remove my vinyl lettering in the future?
Simply take a hair dryer or heat gun, heat the edge of the vinyl and slowly peel back. You may need to use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue.

How long will my vinyl lettering last?
We use only premium quality, high performance, UV resistant vinyl rated to last a minimum of 5-7 years (much longer than paint!). This commitment to quality sets us apart from other sign shops who use cheaper vinyl that will not last as long in an outdoor environment.