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Standard vs. Premium Wraps

To best fit your needs, we offer two levels of wraps: Standard and Premium 

STANDARD WRAP: Good option for fleets, temporary installs, box trucks, food trucks and larger companies.
-Standard Grade vinyl with Luster Overlaminate
-No hardware removal, under seam cleaning, weather-stripping removal, plastic trim removal, etc.
-Badge and Emblem removal only if necessary
-Shorter installation timeframe
-May have more visible seams vertical and horizontal to conserve materials.
-No Roof coverage
-No mirrors, antenna, or door handles wrapped unless necessary.
-General durability of 2-4 years

PREMIUM WRAP: Best option for one-off business vehicles, color change wraps and custom vehicle graphics.
-Premium 3M Controltac with any Overlaminate. Includes Gloss, Matte, Textured, etc.
-Depp cleaning, removal of trim, hardware, and plastics and re-installation where required.
-Complete badge and emblem removal and re-installation if needed.
-Longer installation timeframe
-More art time to ensure proper fitment, and increase art flow-through between panels.
-Seamless install. Some seams and overlaps may be needed but generally are hidden as much as possible.
-Roof, mirrors, antenna, and door handles included if necessary.
-General durability of 3-6 years