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Choosing a lobby or entrance area sign

An Office Affair: Choosing a lobby or entrance area sign.

From Signs of Seattle.. A Seattle Sign Company
An effective lobby sign gives you Instant Prestige! Visitors can sense your integrity just from the look and feel of your entrance area. The choice of materials a lobby marquee can be made with are as endless as there are construction methods and techniques. We will explore some popular and effective  reception area sign methods and materials.
Some common considerations are:

  • What treatment will make my company logo look best?
  • What is my price range?
  • What is my wall covering?
  • Is it wood covering, dry wall, wall paper, wood paneling? Signs can be adhesive mounted to drywall, but most other surfaces require drilling.  
  • Am I the space long term? How long will this sign be up?
If you want to move your sign in the future,  we recommend a rigid substrate backing such as clear acrylic or brushed metal DiBond.
Not every logo can be made with every process. For example, highly intricate logos works best with laser cutting, but can be challenging using other cutting methods. Not every logo can be made with every process. for example highly intricate logos can’t always be cast or water jet metal.

The entry level lobby sign is typically made with cut vinyl. This is essentially a cutout sticker.
This will last 3-5 years. It is removable, but cannot be reused once removed. $200 to $1200 installed

It essentially looks like its painted.

This is the same principle as the simple cut vinyl only it’s a digital print. $200 to $1200 installed.

These can be made with a special low-tack adhesive for easy removal.

Technician applies then squeegees the adhesive vinyl graphic

 If you really need your sign to “pop” against a busy surface, this does the trick.  $150-1000. Installed

A hugely popular and cost effective option is Brushed Metal on Gatorfoam $400 to $1100 Installed

This is very similar to brushed metal faces on Gatorfoam but done on acrylic and of course for a higher price. It is more durable and has crisper edges than Gatorfoam backed signs $600 to $1900

This is PVC plastic with a custom paint match. The edges are not as crisp as acrylic and the plastic not as hard. $400 to $1100 Installed

Painted PVC

For multi colored logos a good choice is  Painted and Cut acrylic $600 to $1600 Installed

This example combines Gatorfoam Letters with Brushed Metal Face and a digitally printed background  on Dibond. (Dibond is an aluminum composite that has two aluminum sheets sandwiched together with a polystyrene center.)
This is good when you don’t want to damage the wall too much. The ridged back allows it to be hung much like a paining or framed picture. It’s also good for complicated logos and seals. $800 to $2000 installed

Rigid acrylic backer board with decorative standoff hardware and Gatorfoam letters, some painted black and some with brushed metal faces. $400 to $2000 installed

$1200 to $2200 installed


When you need it to last a lifetime, Cast Metal Letters are the best choice. These classic letters create an elegant look that adds prestige to any environment. They are available in a number of traditional finishes including brass and bronze, plus cor-10 rusted steel and copper patina.

Cast Bronze

From Signs of Seattle.. A Seattle Sign Company