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-Commonly asked questions
-Popular window treatments
-Techniques and materials
Window graphics are made with adhesive vinyl. They are made to last many years. There are less permanent options available (See Below). Typical window graphics, however, can be removed with heat and persistence and cannot be reused.
One color cut vinyl graphic

Cut vinyl is classic treatment for a storefront window. It comes in many colors and finishes, including metallics, and can be used to recreate simple logos and drawings in addition to text. This is a single color cut out. Continue reading
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Choosing a lobby or entrance area sign

An Office Affair: Choosing a lobby or entrance area sign.

From Signs of Seattle.. A Seattle Sign Company
An effective lobby sign gives you Instant Prestige! Visitors can sense your integrity just from the look and feel of your entrance area. The choice of materials a lobby marquee can be made with are as endless as there are construction methods and techniques. We will explore some popular and effective  reception area sign methods and materials.
Some common considerations are:

  • What treatment will make my company logo look best?
  • What is my price range?
  • What is my wall covering?
  • Is it wood covering, dry wall, wall paper, wood paneling? Signs can be adhesive mounted to drywall, but most other surfaces require drilling.  
  • Am I the space long term? How long will this sign be up?
If you want to move your sign in the future,  we recommend a rigid substrate backing such as clear acrylic or brushed metal DiBond.
Not every logo can be made with every process. For example, highly intricate logos works best with laser cutting, but can be challenging using other cutting methods. Not every logo can be made with every process. for example highly intricate logos can’t always be cast or water jet metal.

The entry level lobby sign is typically made with cut vinyl. This is essentially a cutout sticker.
This will last 3-5 years. It is removable, but cannot be reused once removed. $200 to $1200 installed

Simple Cut Vinyl Graphic It essentially looks like its painted.

This is the same principle as the simple cut vinyl only it’s a digital print. $200 to $1200 installed.

Printed Vinyl Graphic These can be made with a special low-tack adhesive for easy removal.

Technician applies then squeegees the adhesive vinyl graphic

 If you really need your sign to “pop” against a busy surface, this does the trick.  $150-1000. Installed

Acrylic on standoffs with cut vinyl graphics

A hugely popular and cost effective option is Brushed Metal on Gatorfoam $400 to $1100 Installed
Seattle Lobby Office Sign
Brushed Metal Face on Gatorfoam


This is very similar to brushed metal faces on Gatorfoam but done on acrylic and of course for a higher price. It is more durable and has crisper edges than Gatorfoam backed signs $600 to $1900

Acrylic with Brushed Metal Face

This is PVC plastic with a custom paint match. The edges are not as crisp as acrylic and the plastic not as hard. $400 to $1100 Installed

Painted PVC

For multi colored logos a good choice is  Painted and Cut acrylic $600 to $1600 Installed

Painted Acrylic

This example combines Gatorfoam Letters with Brushed Metal Face and a digitally printed background  on Dibond. (Dibond is an aluminum composite that has two aluminum sheets sandwiched together with a polystyrene center.)
This is good when you don’t want to damage the wall too much. The ridged back allows it to be hung much like a paining or framed picture. It’s also good for complicated logos and seals. $800 to $2000 installed

Gatorfoam Letters with Brushed Metal Face and a digitally printed background  on Dibond.

Rigid acrylic backer board with decorative standoff hardware and Gatorfoam letters, some painted black and some with brushed metal faces. $400 to $2000 installed

Acrylic on Standoffs with Gatorfoam graphics

$1200 to $2200 installed

Brushed metal Dibond (aluminum composite) back with gold metal laminate acrylic letters.

Amtrak Seattle WA Acrylic Letters LED Sign
Painted acrylic LED lighted letters on a digitally printed backer

When you need it to last a lifetime, Cast Metal Letters are the best choice. These classic letters create an elegant look that adds prestige to any environment. They are available in a number of traditional finishes including brass and bronze, plus cor-10 rusted steel and copper patina.Cast Metal Letters, Logos and Symbols

Cast Bronze Letter Sign
Cast Bronze

For More info visit:

From Signs of Seattle.. A Seattle Sign Company

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All About Table Top Displays

From Signs of Seattle a Seattle Sign Company
Table Top Displays are an easy and affordable way to take your presentation where ever you go….(providing there is a table there)

  • Set up and tear down is easy and fast
  • Easy to travel or check on airplanes
  • Affordable and effective
  • Professional polished look to your presentation

Typically they come in a latched cases that can are easily stored or stowed on airplanes.

The traditional way these type of displays are made is with a carpet type covering that accepts Velcro so graphics can be easily interchanged. This type of display is good for many years of service. 

Even though the graphics are made on plastic sheets that are attached with Velcro, they still flood the entire area of the display for a polished professional look.

Great for

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Volunteer Groups
  • Political activists
  • Corporate tradeshows
  • Small business tradeshow displays and faire presentations
  • College campuses
  • Non profits
  • Municipal and government offices

Typical displays are about 4′ wide and the biggest go up to 6′ wide  x 3′ tall.

Custom displays are also available.

Table Top Kiosk
Triangle Table Top Display

Table Tent
Table Tent

More info on Seattle Displays and Exhibits Here:

From Signs of Seattle a Seattle Sign Company

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The Truth About Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be made in any size, from a small logo to a full mural spanning many feet of wall space. They are great for advertising, commercial décor, or even residential use. The method for creating wall graphics is almost the same as it is for vehicle graphics and window graphics.

There are key advantages to vinyl wall graphics:

  • If it gets damaged, it can be replaced.
  • It’s far more cost effective than problematic wall paper or hand painting
  • It can easily be cleaned with a wet rag and mild soap
  • In high traffic areas, It takes ordinary bare walls and turns them into a marketing source.
  • The graphical content can be most anything from photographs, art pieces, cartoon clips or most any computer generated art file.

Wall Mural made with old black and white photos.

Old photographs can give your lobby a museum feel.

A Column Wrap is a great way to take advantage of the space.

Great for restaurants because you can clean it.

 A cartoony look is easy to achieve and very effective at conveying your message.

Simple graphics are a very cost effective way to bring a blank wall to life.

Pre-opening/Grand opening mural graphics

Signs of Seattle Expert Technician

How it’s done:

Images are prepared on computer.
Then printed on a large format printer
The vinyl has an adhesive back.
This is applied to the wall
Heat helps it conform to uneven surfaces
Squeegees are also used for this
Finished Product

For more examples of wall graphics, visit our website.

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All About Frosted Window Vinyl



From Signs of Seattle

Ever want frosted or etched glass for your doors or windows but were stymied by the cost? Here is an affordable alternative. Get an Upscale look for your space with Frosted or dusted crystal vinyl treatment.

….It’s the Cadillac treatment for the Chevrolet price.
  • Perfect solution for window privacy
  • Goes on your existing windows within a few hours
  • Film can be removed if you need to relocate
Not only does it create an upscale diffused look for your office or any other type of glass, it is much less expensive than traditional etched glass. The dusted and frosted crystal custom vinyl films are translucent with a low gloss and therefore eliminates glare. These films have uniform color in both reflecting and transmitting light and are ideal for vinyl lettering. The 3M dusted crystal film has the uniform appearance of etched glass where as the 3M frosted crystal film has the uniform appearance of sandblasted glass.
The 3M dusted crystal film has the uniform appearance of etched glass.
The 3M frosted crystal film has the uniform appearance of sandblasted glass.
It also has subtle sparkles.
Frosted vinyl treatments can be used in a variety of ways.
It’s a fantastic choice for your logo.
Upscale look for your brand
Great Treatment for this Logo
Partial covering.
Great Treatment for Medical Office, Night Club, Law Office or Shop.
Dusted Crystal
Privacy Film

Here the frosted vinyl is used to block the view from the street. Add the black graphics to turn the windows into a great marketing source.
Visit our site for more examples of frosted and dusted crystal vinyl.
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All About Vehicle Graphics

What is a vehicle wrap? Is this the same as repainting my car? Will it damage my paint job? A vehicle wrap is actually a digitally printed vinyl material that is professionally adhered to your car and can resemble a custom paint job. Your vehicle’s original paint job remains untouched and even protected beneath the surface.
Seattle Car Wrap

Signs of Seattle Portfolio
Why should I use a vehicle wrap versus traditional advertising? Studies have shown that in a city with a population of 50,000 a vehicle wrap will get over 8 million impressions per year. The city of Seattle is estimated at more than tne times this amount, approaching 600,000 people, so the cost is relatively low compared to traditional forms of advertising. Whether driving through traffic or parked on the streets your vehicle wrap spreads the word about your business even while you sleep!
What can car graphics do for you?

  • Adds credibility to your company and gives you a professional image.
  • Increases your brand awareness.
  • Makes your vehicle a less attractive target for theft
  • Easy to fine your vehicle in a crowded parking lot
  • Makes you look cool!
What is perforated vinyl?Perforated Window Graphics
Perforated vinyl has tiny holes all over it which allow the driver to see through rear and side windows. This design allows for safe visibility from the inside of the vehicle, but limits visibility from the outside to ensure privacy.

What is Cut Vinyl?

Cut vinyl is simple graphic shapes cutout. The traditional way to do this is with a single color or only a few colors.

What is Print Cut Vinyl?

Nowadays we can print an image an digitally cut it out.

What other kinds of vehicles can I wrap?
A vehicle wrap can be applied to vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from Smart Cars to semi trucks, boats to motorcycles and beyond. We are always open to new ideas and custom designs. When in doubt, just ask! Vehicle Graphics Signs of Seattle Portfolio
What about vehicle magnets? Can I wrap my car in these?
We will work with any size requirements you may have, but we recommend that vehicle magnets be no bigger than 4′ x 18″ and applied to a smooth surface. Common sizes for vehicle magnets include 10″ x 20″ or 12″ x 24″, and custom sizes can be created at no additional cost.
How long does it take to wrap my vehicle? Once the design is finalized, installation can usually be scheduled within one week. Depending on size, most vehicles can be completed and ready for pick up in 1-2 days.
Can I wash my car with a vehicle wrap? What about waxing? Vehicle wraps can handle any professional car wash that uses soft bristles, such as Elephant Car Wash in Seattle, or hand washing using a mild soap. To maintain the integrity and quality of the design do not use a high pressure car wash with hard bristles. Vehicle wraps can be waxed and this is recommended up to four times a year in order to keep colors vibrant.
Is a vehicle wrap permanent? Can I remove or change it? A vehicle wrap is not permanent and we can provide removal when required. If your logo or contact information changes we can also create overlays to update your latest information.
How much do vehicle graphics cost? Pricing on vehicle graphics are widely varied because every order is a custom job. A small logo could be installed for as low as $79 while a large scale custom design could run up to $3500. The best way to get an accurate quote is to call or email us with the year, make and model of your vehicle and some idea of the size and graphic that you’re interested in. We can create a package to meet any budget.
How are vehicle wraps done?A vehicle wrap is like a giant adhesive vinyl appliqué that when installed properly conforms to the curves and crevices of your car and looks as if it’s an amazing paint job. Need to sell the car? The wrap graphics can be removed and on newer cars it won’t even damage the underlying paint job.
Auto Graphics Application
Printed large format printer
Car Graphics Vinyl
Adhesive vinyl appliqué is placed on surface
Auto Wrap Graphics
Technicians apply it
Car Graphics
Conforms to curves and crevices
Vehicle Graphics Wrap Types
Lettering and Basic Logos
The surface is decorated by shaped pieces or strips of adhesive vinyl. Most of the original surface remains uncovered.
Partial Wrap
The surface is significantly covered, but much of the original area is still exposed. For example, wrapping only the hood, trunk, and doors of a car would be a Partial Wrap. Partial Wraps can be color-matched to blend with the unwrapped portion. Wraps may also include one-way perforated window graphics.
Full WrapThe item is completely covered; none of the original surface is exposed. A Full Wrap can completely change the appearance of an object. Full Wraps are the best option to protect the paint job of a vehicle from fading. Full Wraps may also include one-way perforated window graphics.
Any make or model… semis, trailers, RVs, box trucks… From simple lettering, to full wraps, We do it all. When Seattle needs Vehicle Car Auto Graphics, Signs of Seattle is the place!
Video: How Vehicle Wraps Are Done
Signs of Seattle Portfolio
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How to Install Vinyl Graphics

From Signs of Seattle: Seattle’s Favorite Sign Company
Tools required:

Squeegee (a credit card will work for this or a piece of plastic the same firmness as a credit card.). Tape measure and or level. Spray bottle, filled with water, and two or three small drops of dish soap (alcohol free). Masking tape.

Step One: Preparing your surface
This step is often overlooked or performed inadequately, resulting in vinyl troubles ranging from bubbles to failure to adhere. We recommend cleaning your surface thoroughly with a mild dish detergent solution, rinsing the surface very thoroughly, and then wiping with alcohol to ensure a perfectly clean surface. Shop rags are not recommended, as they may harbor small bits of lint or chemical remnants. Super-absorbent paper towels are also not recommended, as they may contain chemicals to increase absorbency that will interfere with your vinyl adhesion. Basic paper towels will work best for wiping your surface.
Preparing Surface

Step Two:
Positioning Graphic
Position the vinyl graphic using masking tape on the top corners to hold the vinyl in place. Use level or tape measure to ensure the correct placement. When the graphic is positioned correctly, use masking tape on the left or right end of the graphic to create a hinge.
Positioning Graphic

Step Three: Removing Backer
Pull the graphic back so that the backer is facing you. Remove the backer slowly. While removing the backer spray the adhesive side of the vinyl lightly with application spray until the backer is fully removed. Be sure not to let the vinyl fold on to itself. An extra set of hands is helpful, but not required.

Removing Backer

Step Four: Applying the vinyl
Spray the adhesive side of the vinyl thoroughly. Now simply apply the vinyl to the surface. Do not apply any pressure yet! Do not over-stretch your vinyl during the application process. This can result in end lift. Pull the vinyl just taut enough so that there is no slack in vinyl.

Applying the vinyl

Step Five: Squeegee work
Vinyl is a pressure-sensitive product, so using a squeegee creates the bond. The purpose of the squeegee is to remove the excess fluid and air bubbles from behind the vinyl. Always start the squeegee from the center of your vinyl, and use a straight up or down motion to push out the bubbles. Use a smooth motion. Do not squeegee in an arc or diagonally, as you may torque the vinyl. Allow the vinyl to set for 5 to 15 minutes. (In colder temperatures, you may have to wait one to three hours, or apply heat) Do not yet remove the application tape.

Squeegee work

Step Six: Removing the application tape
When removing your application tape, always pull it slowly, back onto itself, at a 180-degree angle. Bubbles should be punctured using a pin. Do not slit the vinyl to release the air. If the vinyl is slit it will spread or gap. The cutting or trimming of any graphic should be done using a very sharp knife and very little pressure.

Removing the application tape

Step Seven:Finished Product

Visit Youtube for how to videos from Signs of Seattle a Seattle Sign Company

From Signs of Seattle: Seattle’s Favorite Sign Company

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Raster & Vector Graphics…What’s the difference?

What is Vector art?
In a vector file the computer remembers the shapes of the lines.
What is Raster art?
In raster, (sometimes called bitmap) the image is comprised of tiny dots that
when viewed as a whole display the image.

Photo Editors are Raster Based. A raster image is made of thousands of
little dots, or pixels. Creating or editing an image with dots allows you to
provide for rich detail in an image. Because every dot can be a different color,
you can allow for any kind of color change. Raster images are wonderful for
rendering rich, full-color images, like photographs. Raster-based programs do
have some drawbacks, though:
* Raster images are file-heavy. All of the zeros and ones that are used to make
up each pixel result in large files sizes. Your computer must keep track of the
zeros and ones and must change each one when editing. This is memory-intensive
and may cause slower editing.
* Rasters do not resize well. When you resize a raster image, the pixels just
get larger, making the image appear distorted and chunky/grainy.
Photo editors, like Adobe PhotoShop, use raster-based images to allow for
precise editing and total freedom in image appearance.

Illustration Programs are Vector Based

Vector-based programs approach image creation in an entirely different manner. A
vector-based program does not render images on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

In a raster-based image creation program, a square would be made of thousands of
pixel dots.
In a vector-based program, the same square would be made of only four dots, one
on each corner. These “vector points,” basically allow your computer to play
Connect the Dots. Each vector point has information in it telling your computer
how to connect each point with straight or curved lines, and with what color to
fill in the closed shape.
In the printed image, the vector points would be invisible.
Because the computer only has to keep four points in its memory, it is much
easier for the computer to edit vector-based images.
If you resize a vector-based image, it loses little or no detail. The vector
points spread out and the computer just redraws the image. You can easily color,
or recolor, a vector-based image very easily using a drawing program. Vector
images can also result in smoother lines because the lines are not hand drawn.

Vector images do have some drawbacks, however. They are generally filled with a
solid color or a gradient but can’t display the lush color depth of a raster.
They also work better with straight lines or sweeping curves.
Drawing programs, like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, primarily use a
vector-based drawing mode to allow for scalability and clean lines.

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